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After over thirty years in the organic hair and beauty industry in central London and Richmond, Surrey with over 5000 clients and also working as a science lab technician, a family tragedy changed my focus on life and we moved to our farm on the Isle of Wight

What started out as my therapy has grown into a popular business which is growing by the day.

All products are made on the farm from scratch in small batches.

I never use any bases or fillers, they are all my own unique recipes.


All products are safety tested to UK and EU legislation. 

My aim is to make high quality natural clean products without the use of unnecessary chemicals at an affordable price. 


Having studied organic products for many years and the difference they make to our health, I revived my passion to make my own natural products without the use of parabens, aluminium, PPD's and small particles which are harmful for women in particular and have been linked to breast and various other cancers.

After all lets not forget your skin is the largest organ in the body and the skin will absorb these chemicals into your body. This includes PPD's from hair colour etc. Its always best to stay as natural as possible, you would not eat these chemicals so why put them on your skin.


I now grow my own plants and herbs to add to my soaps and balms and even a few candles. I source only the finest natural, certified ingredients

all of which are *vegan and cruelty free


People ask me "what are your most popular products?"  

I can easily say, my vegan calendula and mulberry creams, although my calendula balm is also very popular and we now sell these around the world.

We have had wonderful feedback on these totally natural face and body creams. I infuse the calendula for at least a month until it is golden and all the amazing skin healing properties infuse into the oil.

Another favourite is my Isle of Wight candle with essential oils. Once people have one in their home all their family and friends want one too!

My daughter has very sensitive skin so it is important that I know what ingredients are used in the products she uses so these creams and balms are perfect for her skin.

*Beeswax items not vegan.